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Ashley and Tim Calise

“Koko FitClub has such high standards that, at the end of the day, our business philosophies align incredibly well. Koko is our partner.”

The Calises are former college athletes, busy new parents and now Koko FitClub’s first “member owners.” They were hooked on the concept at the corporate owned club in Pembroke, MA. New to the area, they Googled “personal trainers” and hit upon Koko FitClub. What they found there isn’t personal training. It’s better.  The spa-like atmosphere combined with technology guided training is just what they were looking for. Says Tim, “Even though I’m a former athlete, I walk into a gym and I’m overwhelmed with the choices and deciding what to do. That’s not the feeling I’m looking for. I want a getaway. Koko gives me 30 to 45 minutes for myself and the knowledge that I’m getting the most out of my workout in that time. Koko Smartraining technology tracks everything and quantifies that investment I’m making in myself. ”  

With a new baby and the discovery of Koko, Tim and Ashley began to think about the quality of family and community life that being Koko FitClub owners could give them. Ashley, who will be running the operations on a day-to-day basis, explains “Now that we have the baby, it has become more important for us to do something as a family to improve society.” She continues, “We are very focused on assisting people of all ages and fitness levels in achieving their health objectives as our personal social mission. Americans are busier and more stressed than ever and it is affecting their health. Through Koko, we offer a way to heal both the mind and body, doing our part to help reverse society’s troubling health trends." Tim agrees. As Koko FitClub owners “We can help you improve [your health] no matter who you are. You’re not alone.” 

Social responsibility aside, Tim, a financial executive and self-described “entrepreneur at heart”, wasn’t looking for a business, but a business found him. As someone who evaluates businesses for a living, he sees buying Koko FitClubs as an opportunity. “There is a hole in the Cape market- busy working professionals who know they should be active but have no time and no current solution- it’s a convenience market. We think the concept of a 30 minute, efficient, effective workout will resonate with the community.”  He also really likes the company. “Koko FitClub has such high standards that, at the end of the day, our business philosophies align incredibly well. Koko is our partner.”

Ashley and Tim Calise

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